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Oxford University – BA Hons, MA, in Classics
Barcelona University – Diploma of Hispanic Studies, Diplomas of Galician Language
Santiago de Compostela University – Diplomas of Galician Language and Culture
Sofia University – Diploma of Bulgarian Language


Published Works

  • Even Though That (Proxima-RP, 2004) – poetry collection
  • The DNA of the English Language (Small Stations Press, 2007) – essay on English word connections
  • The Life of a Translator (Small Stations Press, 2013) – essay on English word connections and coincidence in translation
  • Stones Of Ithaca (Small Stations Press, 2019) – essay on English word connections and the language of the environment

Individual publications in: United Kingdom: Iota, PoemThe International Literary Quarterly; Argentina: Goma de Borrar; Bulgaria: Europe 2001, Hristiyanstvo i Kultura, Literaturen Vestnik, Literaturni Balkani, Panorama, Slovoto, Trud; Chile: Aérea; Greece: Helios, Poems of Greek Texture; Russia:; Spain: El País, Grial, Renova Galiza, Revista de Estudios Rosalianos, Turia


Book Translations

From Bulgarian

  • Iana Boukova in Take Five 07 (Shoestring Press, 2007)
  • Tsvetanka Elenkova (ed.), At the End of the World: Contemporary Poetry from Bulgaria (Shearsman Books, 2012)
  • Tsvetanka Elenkova, Crookedness (Tebot Bach, 2013; 2nd ed., Shearsman Books, 2019)
  • Tsvetanka Elenkova, The Seventh Gesture (Shearsman Books, 2010)

From Catalan

  • Carme Riera, In the Last Blue (Overlook Press, 2007; Duckworth, 2007)

From Galician

  • Marilar Aleixandre, Head of Medusa (Small Stations Press, 2019)
  • Rosa Aneiros, I Love You Leo A. Destination Somewhere (Small Stations Press, 2015)
  • Rosa Aneiros, I Love You Leo A. Transit Station (Small Stations Press, 2016)
  • Rosa Aneiros, I Love You Leo A. Arrivals Terminal…? (Small Stations Press, 2018)
  • Marcos Calveiro, The Painter with the Hat of Mallows (Small Stations Press, 2014)
  • Fina Casalderrey, Dove and Cut Throat (Small Stations Press, 2014)
  • Ledicia Costas, An Animal Called Mist (Small Stations Press, 2017)
  • Ledicia Costas, Heart of Jupiter (Small Stations Press, 2016)
  • Xabier P. DoCampo, The Book of Imaginary Journeys (Small Stations Press, 2017)
  • Xabier P. DoCampo, When There’s a Knock on the Door at Night (Small Stations Press, 2018)
  • Jonathan Dunne (ed.), Anthology of Galician Literature 1196-1981 (Edicións Xerais-Editorial Galaxia-Xunta de Galicia, 2010)
  • Jonathan Dunne (ed.), Anthology of Galician Literature 1981-2011 (Edicións Xerais-Editorial Galaxia-Xunta de Galicia, 2012)
  • Jonathan Dunne (ed.), Contemporary Galician Poets (Poetry Review, 2010)
  • Agustín Fernández Paz, Black Air (Small Stations Press, 2014)
  • Agustín Fernández Paz, Corridors of Shadow (Small Stations Press, 2016)
  • Agustín Fernández Paz, Nothing Really Matters in Life More Than Love (Small Stations Press, 2018)
  • Agustín Fernández Paz, Winter Letters (Small Stations Press, 2015)
  • Antonio Manuel Fraga, Tartarus (Small Stations Press, 2018)
  • Elena Gallego Abad, Dragal I: The Dragon's Inheritance (Small Stations Press, 2014)
  • Elena Gallego Abad, Dragal II: The Dragon's Metamorphosis (Small Stations Press, 2015)
  • Elena Gallego Abad, Dragal III: The Dragon's Fraternity (Small Stations Press, 2017)
  • Elena Gallego Abad, Dragal IV: The Dragon's Lineage (Small Stations Press, 2019)
  • Manuel Lourenzo González, Brother of the Wind (Small Stations Press, 2017)
  • Manuel Lourenzo González, Flower of Sand (Small Stations Press, 2017)
  • Andrea Maceiras, Europe Express (Small Stations Press, 2018)
  • Paco Martín, The Things of Ramón Lamote (Small Stations Press, 2019)
  • Marina Mayoral, Sad Weapons (Small Stations Press, 2019)
  • Lois Pereiro, Collected Poems (Small Stations Press-Xunta de Galicia, 2011)
  • Manuel Rivas, All Is Silence (Harvill Secker, 2013)
  • Manuel Rivas, Books Burn Badly (Harvill Secker, 2010)
  • Manuel Rivas, From Unknown to Unknown (Small Stations Press, 2009)
  • Manuel Rivas, In the Wilderness (Harvill Press, 2003; Overlook Press, 2006)
  • Manuel Rivas, One Million Cows (Small Stations Press, 2015)
  • Manuel Rivas, The Carpenter’s Pencil (Harvill Press, 2001; Overlook Press, 2001)
  • Manuel Rivas, The Low Voices (Harvill Secker, 2016)
  • Manuel Rivas, The Potato Eaters (Small Stations Press, 2016)
  • Manuel Rivas, Vermeer’s Milkmaid & Other Stories (Harvill Press, 2002; Overlook Press, 2008)
  • Suso de Toro, Polaroid (Small Stations Press, 2015)
  • Suso de Toro, Tick-Tock (Small Stations Press, 2016)

From Spanish

  • Álvaro Colomer, Uppsala Woods (Hispabooks, 2013)
  • Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Death Rites (Europa Editions, 2008)
  • Juan Gracia Armendáriz, The Plimsoll Line (Hispabooks, 2015)
  • Enrique Vila-Matas, Bartleby & Co. (Harvill Press, 2004; New Directions, 2004)
  • Enrique Vila-Matas, Montano (Harvill Secker, 2007; New Directions, 2007)

Individual translations in: United Kingdom: International Literary Quarterly, Litro, Modern Poetry in Translation, Orient Express, PoemPoetry Review, Poetry Wales; United States: Absinthe, Best European Fiction, Calque, Molossus, Talisman, The Massachusetts Review, Zoland Poetry; Bulgaria: Europe 2001, Literaturen Vestnik; Greece: Karaoke Poetry Bar, Poems of Greek Texture


Nominations for Translation Prizes

2003 – International Dublin Literary Award (The Carpenter’s Pencil)
2004 – Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize (In the Wilderness)
2008 – Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (Montano)
2009 – Popescu Prize for Poetry Translation (From Unknown to Unknown); Warwick Prize for Writing (Montano)
2011 – Popescu Prize for Poetry Translation (Collected Poems; The Seventh Gesture)


Editions & Forewords

Edition & foreword: Raymond Carver, Kasmet (Small Stations Press, 2008); Anthology of Galician Literature 1196-1981 (Edicións Xerais-Editorial Galaxia-Xunta de Galicia, 2010); Anthology of Galician Literature 1981-2011 (Edicións Xerais-Editorial Galaxia-Xunta de Galicia, 2012)

Edition: Manuel Rivas, From Unknown to Unknown (Small Stations Press, 2009); Contemporary Galician Poets (Poetry Review, 2010)

Foreword: Reynol Pérez Vázquez, Memorias del Tedio (Editorial Font, 2006); Tsvetanka Elenkova, The Seventh Gesture (Shearsman Books, 2010)

Member of the editorial board of the Galician-language magazine Luzes (2013- )


Selected Lectures

In English: Spanish Voices, The Word (London, 2000); Rearranging the World, British Centre for Literary Translation (Norwich, 2002); Escrito en Español: The World of Hispanic Writing, Southbank Centre (London, 2004); Translating Poetry, Sofia University (Sofia, 2005); Poems of Greek Texture, International Writers and Translators Centre of Rhodes (Rhodes, 2008); International Writing Day, Foyles Bookshop (London, 2010); Guest lecturer at the Sozopol Fiction Seminar, Elizabeth Kostova Foundation (Sozopol-Sofia, 2010); Anthology of Galician Literature 1196-1981, Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, 2010); Manuel Rivas: Books Burn Badly, British Museum-London Review Bookshop (London, 2011); Galician Classics, Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, 2011); Discussion with Manuel Rivas and Kirmen Uribe/Communication and Language, Cúirt International Festival of Literature (Galway, 2012); The Theology of Translation: The Hidden Code of the English Language/On the Borders of Writing and Translating, University of Warwick (Coventry, 2013)

In Galician: Translating Castelao into English, Xunta de Galicia (Rianxo, 2000); Culture and Literary Translation, Xunta de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, 2001); Translation as a Means of Promoting Galicia Abroad, International Association of Galician Studies (Vigo, 2009); The DNA of the English Language, Galician Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (Vigo, 2010); Production and Dissemination of Galician Books in the English-Language Market through New Technologies, Galician Book Cluster (Santiago de Compostela, 2011); The Projection Abroad of Work by Rosalía de Castro, Council of Galician Culture (Santiago de Compostela, 2013)

In Spanish: The Translation Process, Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, 2003); Narrated Memory, Cervantes Institute (London, 2003)


Radio & Television

In English: Arts Tonight (RTÉ Radio, 2010); Open Book (BBC Radio, 2010); The Works (RTÉ Television, 2012)

In Galician: Ben Falado! (Galician Television, 2010); Diario Cultural (Galician Radio, 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013); Bos Días (Galician Television, 2013); Despierta Galicia (Radio Voz, 2013)



Covers and interior: Absinthe 10 (2008), Hristiyanstvo i Kultura 40 (2009), Bulgarian Frescos: Feast of the Root (2013), Svet 4 (2013)

Covers: The Seventh Gesture (2010), Kultura 16 (2013)

Interior: Svet 1-10 (2012), Svet 1 & 3 (2013)