101 DEDICATIONS by Nikolaj Bojkov

Nikolaj Bojkov (Vidin, 1968) is the author of Metaphysics (2000), Poems with Biography (2003), Clarified in Love (2005), Letters to Peter (2006), The Book of Life (2010) and 101 Dedications (2019). 101 Dedications is a book full of people and love for the human race, a rare example of a first-person story where ruthless self-analysis, devoid of coldness or isolation, leads precisely to empathy, love, pain for the other, to the cleansing of the senses for the beauty and cruelty of the world. Nikolaj Bojkov’s lyric idiom is nurtured by an understanding of justice and solidarity, of sexuality, intimacy and madness.

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    ISBN: 978-954-384-096-0

    Publication Date: 24 February 2019

    Language: Bulgarian

    Paperback: 144 pages

    Dimensions: 210 x 140 mm